Trouble at Mill: This time it's 4th edition 16th & 17th November

Trouble at Mill: This time it's 4th edition 16th & 17th November

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Trouble at Mill: This time it's 4th edition 16th & 17th November


A 5 game 2000 point Age of Sigmar tournament with a twist.

Whilst 1st, 2nd & 3rd will get token prizes.

The real prizes happen in a raffle at the end of the event. And you win raffle tickets by playing your games.

Tickets may be awarded for the following (or similar):

  • Losing a unit to shooting
  • Getting tabled
  • Rolling a double 1 to charge
  • Losing your game

The boring stuff

This is a 2000 point 2 day GT using the rules from the most up to date Chapter Approved

The event will use Best Coast Pairings, please register HERE, and be submitted to the ITC for rankings.

Please have your list uploaded by the Saturday before the event.





  • 9:00 – 9:15 Registration
  • 9:15 – 12:00 Round 1 
  • 12:00 – 12:30 Lunch
    12:30 – 3:15 Round 2 3.15-3.30 Break
    3:30 – 6:15 Round 3



  • 10-10.15 Regsitration
  • 10.15-13.00 Round 4
  • 13.00-13.30 Lunch
  • 13.30-16.15 Round 5
  • 16.30 The fun stuff: Presentations & Raffle


Lunch is provided both day. If you have any food allergies, or are vegetarian/ vegan, please let us know in advance.


System: Warhammer Age of Sigmar Pitched Battles 

Location: Leodis Games, 10 Springfield Mills, Bagley Lane, Leeds, LS28 5LY

Battle Size: 2000 points 

Board Size: 60” x 44” 

Missions: Pitched Battle Battleplans from the Generals Handbook

No. of Games: Three

Army Selection: See the Contest of Generals chart in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar core rule book. In addition, Understrength Units may not be included in your roster. 

Tools of War: Attendees are expected to bring their army, dice, a tape measure, all relevant rules publications, and at least 4 physical copies of their army roster (one for registration and one for each opponent). If you are using any electronic devices to carry your official rules references, please ensure they are charged and available for reference at all times.


Army Construction 

You will require an army of no more than 2000 points to play at this event and contain no Understrength Units. When building your army, use all the most up-to-date Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules found in the Pitched Battle Publications list found in the Generals Handbook. Battletome updates found in White Dwarf can also be used (for example the Son’s of Behemat battalion rules). 

Army lists should be presented in an easy to read format, including your Grand Strategy, all relevant weapon selections and unit upgrades that should be selected prior to a game with limited extraneous information. 

Army lists should be submitted on theBCP appby that Saturday before the event.

Modeling and Painting 

Playing exciting, atmospheric games with finely detailed, painted miniatures is intrinsic to the Warhammer experience.

With this in mind, all miniatures in your collection must be fully assembled and painted to at least a Battle Ready standard.( More information on Battle Ready can be found at ) Each model must accurately represent its entry on your army roster. 

Many players “scratch build” or heavily convert elements of their model collection, and these activities are a hallowed part of Warhammer hobby history. For the sake of fairness, any conversion should be comparable in size to the most current version of the model they represent. You may not gain a benefit from converted models, but may incur penalties. 



At the end of each game, use the provided score sheet to record your results and provide them to the judges table. You will also need to input these results via the BCP App. This can be downloaded from or your App store. 

The player with the most Victories will be the winner. 

  • Major Victories 
  • Minor Victories 
  • Draws 
  • Battle Tactics completed 
  • Grand Strategies completed 
  • Total Victory Points scored in games (these are the cumulative points gained from objectives, battle tactics and grand strategies, not kill points from units destroyed)

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