Ophelia Core Box

Ophelia Core Box

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Ophelia Core Box



The Kin - Ophelia Box Set Information

The Kin - Ophelia Box SetGremlins are frenzied creatures, not that much brighter than the animals they farm. But don't venture into their swamps as one rule applies, if it ain't Gremlin it's dinner, they are as dangerous to themselves as as they are to anyone else and more likely to kill themselves in the pursuit of their food. To those unfortunate enough to get lost in the swamp, a squealing pig is the last sound they hear.Ophelia is a trigger happy gun slinger, who raids human settles with her trusted crew and piggy totem. Capable of dishing out good amounts of damage from a distance because of her prowess with her pistolas, she also has a host of abilities to enhance the gremlins around her. This makes her a fantastic pit master for any Gremlin gang.
Even among the Gremlins, there is a chance that someone will appear who is a genius within her species. Where most of her family and friends are more concerned with the moonshine and the trinkets found in human settlements, Ophelia has grander schemes. She was in line to become the next Gremlin over-boss, the first girl Gremlin to hold the position in as long as Gremlins could remember, though, to be fair, most Gremlins don't know any history.Seeing the Gremlins as little more than pests, the Ortega family began to exterminate them. Ophelia responded by doing more than just throwing waves of her own kin at them. She studied them and learned from her own tactical mistakes.It was during one of these missions that she realized who the leader was in her enemy's group and saw that there was one thing she was lacking. It was an independent but identical realization to Som'er's; that it was the person with the big hat who gave the orders. The following raid was the most successful one yet, their entire goal being the theft of Perdita Ortega's wide-brimmed hat. Finally uniformed properly, Ophelia knew that it was only a matter of time until she could stop the invaders.The Gremlins beneath her are some of the calmest and bravest in all of gremlinkind, trained to respond to her orders (though they sometimes get distracted). Whatever means she uses to gain and keep control over her family, it's been working, and if she were more centrally located she might be giving Som'er a run for most wanted gremlin in the Bayou.

At half the size of a human being, Gremlins do not appear to be very threatening. On their own, they aren’t that dangerous. Often found living in the Bayou, they are the residents of Malifaux who have been most welcoming to the influx of humans. Instead of seeing them as invaders, they see them as sources of learning, often copying them. This mimicry started with clothing. and they would offer advice and directions to the first travelers in exchange for pants or a shirt. This had the side effect of allowing the Gremlins to see which of their number were cunning just by whether or not they had managed to dress themselves, and they began to form into organized groups, allowing them to focus their strength.

The Kin - Ophelia Box Set

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