Steppenwolf & Parademons (Resin)

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Steppenwolf & Parademons (Resin)



Steppenwolf & Parademons

Steppenwolf & ParademonsSteppenwolf was the brother of Heggra and commander of Apokolips's military during her reign and previously that of her husband Yuga Khan. Her son, Darkseid, sent Steppenwolf to New Genesis, where he killed Izaya's wife. Izaya, in revenge, killed him in the ensuing war between the two planets. However, he was resurrected, and Darkseid once again put him command of the military. Steppenwolf recently appeared in Los Angeles, recovering Apokoliptan technology that hid been discovered beneath the city streets by the Flash. The Flash, with the help of several Justice Leaguers, managed to capture him. Steppenwolf later appears as a member of the board of the Dark Side Club. He is killed by Clock King.


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