Munchkin Deluxe

Munchkin Deluxe

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Munchkin Deluxe



Munchkin is the smash hit Dungeon crawl themed card game for two to six Players from designer Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games and with artwork by John Kovalic.

It's hard to sum up Munchkin better than its tag line: "Kill The Monsters, Steal The Treasure, Stab your Buddy."

Players complete to create the best adventurer they can to send deep into the dungeon, to kick down doors, kill monsters and steal treasure. Although the game takes its inspiration from Dungeon and Dragons style fantasy RPGs this is a game that is extremely accessible and doesn't take itself too seriously. In fact, it relishes in its absurdness. You can increase your strength by wearing a chicken on your head or wearing boots of butt-kicking, you can fight 3,872 Orcs or a Potted plant.

Each turn your character kicks down a door, if something useful is found you can keep it, if it's bad for you, such as a curse then you have to deal with the consequences. Then you get to loot the room, which mean you get to take another unseen card into your hand or fight a monster from your hand, because beating monsters levels you up, making you stronger, and the first person to level 10 wins.

If you kick down a door and it's a monster you are going to have to fight it or run away. If you successfully beat the monster you can take the treasure it was protecting and level up, but times will come where you might have to ask for help from your opponents and they will most likely want something in return.

Munchkin is not about helping your friends kill monsters though, it's about looking after number one! Back stab your opponents, make life hard for them, and working together to keep the player in the lead from winning. This game is equal parts fun, silly and down right mean!

Why Deluxe? The Deluxe Edition of Munchkin gives you a very useful board and coloured munchkin figures to help you keep track of you ever fluctuating level and give you places for the card piles to go. Being able to clearly see what level everyone is on is much easier than keeping track with paper and pencil. The box also comes with a die and six double sided male/female character cards to help you remember your ever altering gender.

Let's go bust some monsters!

Player Count: 3-6
Time: 90 Minutes
Age: 10+

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