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Level UP: FLGS

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Level UP: FLGS



Level UP: Forging Leodis Games Success

Why do some games stores flourish whilst others whither on the vine?

Telling the story of the award winning games store Leodis Games, Neil Pritchard takes you from that initial stupid idea through surviving Covid Lockdowns and building a successful, community based business. Along the way you'll learn why a games store is business on hard mode and what makes most games stores fail.

Inside you'll find:

  • The Gollum like personality trait that sends many a store owner back to the cold, dank cave from which they came
  • How a clean toilet leads to business success
  • Why Mr Always Right is doomed to games store purgatory
  • The reason why most failed store owners scuttle back to the warm bosom of an employer
  • How a fountain pen led to business success
  • Why a stammer is Neil's communication secret weapon
  • How a marshmallow can predict your chances of business success
  • Why the size of your head matters
  • How being boring will create the most exciting business

Plus much more.


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