Crypt Flayers

Crypt Flayers

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Crypt Flayers



Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Flayers

Flesh-eater Courts

You'll find the Flesh-eater Courts hidden amongst the ruins of the mortal realms. Driven mad by a horrific delusion the Ghoul Kings and the courtiers believe that feasting on the flesh of the dead, and the dying, is the pinnacle of grandiose nobility. Where in reality there is nothing but insanity and depravity. Woe betide anyone who finds themselves at the Ghoul Kings table. Because they are certainly on the menu!

Grand Alliance: Death

From the realm of Shyish come the endless hordes of the dead. Lead by Nagash the Supreme Necromancer the legions of the dead march endlessly to war.

Age of Sigmar

In Age of Sigmar mighty armies clash across the Mortal Realms. Chose your Grand Alliance and join in the fray. Will you fight for what’s right in the Grand Alliance Order? Or will you rage across the battlefield destroying everything in your path as the Grand Alliance Destruction? Maybe instead you’ll raise those already killled in battle to your banners as the Grand Alliance Death? Or maybe you’ll sell your soul to the Dark Gods and join the hordes of the Grand Alliance Chaos?

Whichever you chose we’re here to support you with cheap Age of Sigmar models and excellent customer service. Chose your faction. Buy your army and start playing today.

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