Von Schill Core Box

Von Schill Core Box

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Von Schill Core Box



Von Schill Box Set Information

Malifaux models are  32mm 'heroic' scale miniature made of high-quality plastic. Will require some preparation and assembly.

Faction: Outcast

Keyword: Freikorps


  • Von Schill

  • Steam Trunk

  • Arik Schottemer

  • Freikorpsmann x3

    When there is a task that needs to be done, few groups are more versatile and trustworthy than Von Schill's Freikorps. Earthside, Von Schill made a name for himself as a brave soldier, showing an uncanny ability to read his enemy and place his team members in key positions. That was a skill he meant to transfer to his career Breachside. In the first days after the Breach reopened, he proved to be an invaluable asset to the Guild, exterminating several Neverborn single handedly.Destined for leadership within the Guild, Von Schill made an enemy of the one person who could send his career into the dirt: the Governor-General. It was a minor conflict of personalities, but they disagreed on several major points of security, and as a minor member of the military, Von Schill was on the losing end of every argument. He tendered his resignation within a few days of their meeting.As a loner, Von Schill could have decided to lend out his services to settlers heading out into the Badlands, but he was too ambitious to be a gun for hire. Instead, he found a base just outside of the Guild's control and began to build a team of mercenaries called the Friekorps. With his experience and a singular deal with the Miners and Steamfitters Union, they are the most capable hired guns to be found this side of the Breach. The first few members were those who also disagreed with the Governor-General's plans for the city, but, once they were established, specialists and soldiers alike found kinship within the Freikorps' compound.


    Malifaux is ruled by the conflicting interests of powerful organizations. The Guild was the first to seize power in this world, establishing rigid and fascist laws that guarantee control over their precious Soulstones. Despite these laws, the Arcanists have managed to build a powerful resistance against that oppression and maintain a black market Soulstone smuggling ring. Concerned with the buried secrets of the past, the grim Resurrectionists loot the abandoned districts of the city of its treasures and wield terrible powers garnered from the grave. The agenda the nightmarish Neverborn is unknown, but their presence and influence  are obvious in the terror they sow.In between the plots and schemes of these factions, there are men and women who, for one reason or another, have turned their back on other affiliations to live a more roguish lifestyle. These scoundrels and mercenaries are collectively referred to as Outcasts, as many of them are forced to live out meager existences as petty crooks or hired guns.
    A small few of these desperate folk have managed to demonstrate talents or skills sufficient to pull themselves from the gutter and exert their will upon the landscape of Malifaux. These individuals broker tenuous alliances to further their unique agendas and rely just as much on skilled negotiating as they do on martial prowess.The primary powers of Malifaux respect the value of these lone-wolf Outcasts because the unique traits that have allowed them to flourish in independence can be put to their own uses. Their independence of Outcasts is a valuable commodity, providing plausible deniability to any faction fortunate enough to gain their services.Money, however, isn't always the chief concern of these enterprising individuals. The Outcasts have varied and wide ranging goals; some seek only to expand their criminal endeavors, while others are more altruistic, wandering the streets of Malifaux to protect its citizens from the nightmares that haunt them. Others are at the very center of Malifaux City's corrupt politics, selling their service (and their secrets) to the highest bidder. They may work for Guild coin or Arcanist Soulstones, but the Outcasts are also purposeful in their acts, advancing their own goals even while technically in the employ of another.

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