7 tips for work/ hobby balance

Everyone always talks about work life balance. And it’s an important subject that really shouldn’t be overlooked. But in these times of Corona have you considered your work hobby balance?
Because if you’re working at home there’s a good possibility that your working at the very spot that you normally hobby. And your hobby may very well be your place to get away from the stress of work.
Having run Leodis Games for nearly 5 years now I’m very used to working from home, from the shop, from pretty much anywhere really. These tips are what I’ve used to keep work and hobby separate and they’ve helped me do that.

If you can don’t work in your hobby space.

Not always the easiest of things to do but if you have the space you’ll be amazed at how separating the two physically can help separate them in your mind.
If you can’t separate them then.

Put your work stuff away before you get your hobby stuff out.

There’s something to be said about the act of putting one thing away and getting something else out for sending a clear signal to your mind to stop one thing and start another.

Take a break between the two.

In the world that was you would have had a commute home between work and hobby. At the very least get up and move. Go for a walk if you can.

Try to minimise sneaky work hobby.

Building a model whilst your on a listen only zoom call is one thing. Having a schedule of ten minutes of this task, then I’ll basecoat, then half an hour on that call, then a wash. Etc etc. I’d going to quickly turn your hobby into an additional work task. We’ve all done similar when we’ve had to hit an event deadline but there are no deadlines for hobby right now.

Take the time and enjoy yourself.

10-15 years ago I used to be always gearing up for my next Warhammer tournament. Always painting to a deadline so I could take that new unit. Whilst having a deadline is a great motivational tool at the moment more than maybe ever before hobby is that safe quiet space to relax. There are no tournaments coming up. There are no deadlines. You can take your time and enjoy it.

Remember to enjoy it.

This is a tip that applies at anytime to anyone. Hobby is meant to be fun and relaxing. And yes pushing yourself to paint better or model better can be fun. But if your spending more time critiquing your painting then you are enjoying it then it’s time to cut yourself some slack.

Treat yourself to something new and different.

Again quite a universal tip. If you’ve spent since Indomitus’ release working on that new Necron army try building and painting something completely different as a palette cleanser.
If you want a recommendation look at the Marvel Crisus Protocol range. They’re a larger scale and mostly comic book style which means bright bold colours. A great palette cleanse from Grimdark 40K.
I hope you find some or all of these useful.
As I’ve said many times this year it’s important to take care of yourself and that includes your mental health. I know how many of you use your hobby as a tool for doing just that.
If you’ve got any other tips you’ve found work well I’d love to hear them and maybe I can help share them with others.