Midnight Opening

It had been well over 10 long months since we'd last been allowed people in store for gaming.

They had missed us and we had missed them.

So when the news came that we could reopen on the 17th May we wanted to do something to exciting to mark the occasion. We wanted to celebrate.

So at a minute past midnight on Sunday 16th May we opened our doors to 10 brave (or maybe foolish), soon to be sleep deprived, souls.

And it was glorious to have people back in and playing.

To hear dice rolling and people having fun.

Games were played, friends met up for the first time in months, fun was had.

The last of us left at 6 in the morning just as the milkman was delivering to the site.

It was good to mark the occasion and we weren't the only ones to think that.

You can see what the Yorkshire Evening Post said about us here