Why I Love Infinity

I love Infinity

It looks like no other Sci Fi game out there.

And the game mechanics are unique to it.

Which makes it a great system to play.

Plus they do 2 of the best starter boxes out there. Operation Red Veil and Operation Icestorm

And they’re bringing out expansion packs for both of them.

The packs take the two starter armies inside each starter box to full sized tournament lists.

Which means that if your buying from us you can give Infinity a go with two full sized armies for under £100!

That’s unbelievably cheap!

And you get free scenery as well!

Plus dice, a mission set to learn the rules and a poster mat to play on.

Did I also mention that the rules are free to download?

Unbelievable value‼️‼️

And if that wasn’t enough there’s a free limited edition model in each of the Expansion Packs for everyone who pre orders early.

I’ve got until Sunday to hand in my numbers for the Beyond Red Veil and Beyond Operation Icestorm Expansion Packs.

Which means that if you want to guarantee you get the limited edition characters that come with them you’ve got until Sunday to act.

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