We Couldn’t do it without you!

Yesterday we held our first Macmillan Coffee morning at the store in support of WAAC.

We ran it alongside a demo event for the launch of X-Wing second edititon and it was a fantastic day. We raised £65.67 for WAAC through the sale of cakes and us donating the tea and coffee money for the day.

Everyone hade fun, cake was eaten, X-Wing was played and we met a load of new people who came down for the first time to see us.We are creating a community of gamers at the store. People who in some cases have lived on the same street for years but not known that each other exist.

When I first set up Leodis Games I had two aims. To show that you could run a wargaming store without being a (excuse the language but there’s no other way to say it)  dick to your customers . And to help build and strengthen the gaming community.

Yesterday was a high point in our journey. And it hasn’t always been easy, any of you who received my increasingly frustrated email updates about Wyrd’s delays this year will know that. And it won’t always be easy in the future but it is the right thing to do.

And each and everyone of you reading this has helped me and the store to get where we are. Whether that’s been telling your friends about us, sharing the nonsense we post on social media, buying from the store or just putting up with my emails. You’ve all helped us to get where we are.

So thank you for your help. It has been really appreciated.


P.S. If you wanted to help us further then sharing this with your friends so that they can find out about us too would be a great help.

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