The Shards of Embermore Round 2

Round one is over.

Skirmishes have been fought. Victories have been won. Defeats have been suffered.

After round 1 the standings are as follows.

  1. Death and Destruction
  2. Chaos
  3. Stormcasts
  4. Nighthaunts
  5. Order

Armies have begun to take control of territory and as a result the map now looks like this.

Heres the map key

  • Blue Stormcasts
  • Yellow Death and Destruction
  • Red Order
  • Green Chaos
  • Purple Nighthaunts

There’s still plenty of free land to fight over and plenty of the oppositions land to conquer!

The round 2 draw is as follows

Chris (Order) vs Wayne (SC)

Andrew (Nighthaunts) vs David (Death)

Neil (Nighthaunts) vs Spuudy (Destruction)

JC (Order) vs Richard (Chaos)

Daz (SC) vs Bear (Chaos)

Matt (Nighhaunts) Vs James (Chaos)

Dan (SC) vs Sam (Order)

The mission for this round is The Relocation Orb.

We’re playing at 800 points in the Realm of Fire and the effect is Flamming Missiles.

Who will win this round?

Who will be beaten back into the sea?

Who will actually manage to get a game in?

The Gods will decide!!!

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