Saito Togan, Mercenary Ninja (Combi Rifle)

Saito Tōgan, Mercenary Ninja (Combi Rifle)

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Saito Togan, Mercenary Ninja (Combi Rifle)

Saito Togan, Mercenary Ninja (Combi Rifle)If you’re looking for the best infiltrator and TO Camouflage option, Saito Togan is the miniature you’ll want. This lethal mercenary ninja is brave enough to cross the battlefield without being noticed and destroy the enemy in close combat. You’ll love to use his profile alongside with the JSA Sectorial Army Pack of NA2.“You’ll have to trust my reputation, because there are no official records of my work: I am a ghost. When my job is done none of my enemies are left standing to remember me, and surely none of my clients would want it disclosed that they paid for my services…”

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