Reverend Moira (Box Set of 4)

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Reverend Moira (Box Set of 4)



Reverend Moira

Reverend Moira“You have opened fire on a Reverend Sister. That is a sin. A mortal sin that requires a shriving of lead and steel. Your penance is your blood!”Reverend Moira Sophia Negreponti. Unlawful raid on the MagnaObra Artificial Intelligence Research Compound, the use of which had been granted to ALEPH. This operation is currently under scrutiny by the High Court of O-12.The best AI experts in Praxis live in the convent module of the Observance of Mercy. The Observants of Saint Mary of the Knife, Our Lady of Mercy, resulted from one of the many schisms in the Catholic Church after the Great Apostasy, the official agreement with ALEPH, whom many considered an instrument of the Devil. Field Observants hold the title of Reverend Moira. In primitive Greek mythology, the Moirai or Parcae were ruthless avengers who enforced fate and punished the crimes of men and gods alike. Reverends are the elite among Bakunin’s assault commandos. They train with the Corregidor Intruders and receive specific instruction in the multi-environmental modules of Praxis. These women are infowar experts, and their sole focus is the fight against ALEPH and technologically superior enemies. Reverends are the backbone of the Bakunin aggression force and the core armed branch of the Tactical Section of the Black Hand, the Nomad Intelligence Agency. All Reverends have performed the Seven Rituals and wear blessed nails in their backs as a symbol of their devotion. Much like their namesakes, Reverend Moiras never desist in their terrible wrath until bitter punishment has been exacted on those guilty of crimes against the righteous - faithful Humanity.
Box with:
  • 1x REVEREND MOIRA Hacker (Assault Hacking Device) (MULTI Rifle)
  • 1x REVEREND MOIRA (MULTI Sniper Rifle)
This Boxed Set contains 4 metal miniatures. These models are supplied unpainted, and some preparatory work may be required as well as assembly.


The Nomads are tricksters who live aboard trading vessels which travel through between the various colonized areas of the galaxy. Due to the prolonged periods of time spent about their ships, they have become accustomed to genetic mutation and mutation as normal processes. They toy with technology and biolody to enhance their chances during battle – using spotter drones to locate targets for other units, allowing them to eliminate whole enemy forces in one barrage before the enemy is even aware of the Nomad presence.


Infinity the Game is a tabletop wargame in which sci-fi themed miniatures are used to simulate futuristic skirmishes.

Infinity recreates Direct Action operations, high-stakes missions in the battlefront or behind enemy lines, where victory or death are a trigger pull away. Players command a small group of elite soldiers, chosen for their adequacy to the mission parameters at hand. Each battle calls for a different composition, and building an effective team from hand-picked members of different regiments is key to a successful operation.

Infinity is a groundbreaking, dynamic system that allows you to make meaningful, fun choices throughout the entire game sequence, and gives you the tools to implement any number of strategies with realism and flexibility. Infinity Miniatures offer fantastic quality and dynamic poses.

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