Kazak Spetsnaz (HMG)

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Kazak Spetsnaz

Kazak Spetsnaz “The walking Death” was the name provided by the Antipode tribes to the Spetsnaz. Those are elite soldiers, experts in airborne operations, close quarters combat, guerrilla warfare and ambush and assault tactics. Carrying a HMG and a box full of ammunition, this Spetsnaz will honour the name he has earned and leave death in his wake.This blister contains 1 highly detailed metal miniature for the Ariadna Faction.Please Note: Miniatures supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


Ariadna was founded by the descendants of the first human colony ship, thought lost when it disappeared into a wormhole. Left to their own devices on a hostile, resource-poor planet, endurance and mettle had to make up for the lack of state-of-the-art technology. Cossack, American, French and Scottish fought each other and they all fought the planet, and from all the fighting emerged Ariadna, where only the toughest survive. Welcome to Ariadna. Welcome to the army.

Infinity is a tabletop wargame in which sci-fi themed miniatures are used to simulate futuristic skirmishes.

Infinity recreates Direct Action operations, high-stakes missions in the battlefront or behind enemy lines, where victory or death are a trigger pull away. Players command a small group of elite soldiers, chosen for their adequacy to the mission parameters at hand. Each battle calls for a different composition, and building an effective team from hand-picked members of different regiments is key to a successful operation.

Infinity is a groundbreaking, dynamic system that allows you to make meaningful, fun choices throughout the entire game sequence, and gives you the tools to implement any number of strategies with realism and flexibility.

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