Haqqislam Remotes

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Haqqislam Remotes



Haqqislam Remotes

Haqqislam RemotesThe operational philosophy of the Haqqislamite army is based on the deployment of mobile, maneuverable light units. This creates an added pressure on their support units, who struggle to keep pace with the main attack force. In this context, Remotes are an economical and effective option for mobile tactical support, an ideal addition to the deployment of heavy armored units such as Magharibas, and a welcome reinforcement for light infantry operatives. The different models of Murafeq Remotes, a name that means literally “Companion”, have names of Arabic origin. A rafiq, for Bedouins, was a local guide who escorted caravans as a guarantor and peacekeeper. The Rafiq Remote serves a similar purpose, locating the enemy, feeding information about battlefield conditions and giving friendly Tactical Hackers a wider area of influence. The Fanous (Lamp) Remote is used purely to maximize the operational radius of these Tactical Hackers. Shihab was the name of a meteorite, a piece of shooting star with the supernatural capacity to kill a djinn. Area control Shihab Remotes, with their extensive weaponry systems, are capable of killing djinns or, indeed anything that enters their line of fire. Shaytaniyah Remotes are mobile long-range artillery support teams equipped with an efficient comms system that allows them to stand out of danger zones while doing their job. This way, the only one in jeopardy is the forward observer, who selects and flags targets soon to be obliterated by the Remote’s missiles. Haqqislamite artillery Remotes are dubbed Shaytaniyah (diabolical) for their terrifying destructive potential.
Box with:
  • 1x SHAYTANIYAH REMOTE (Smart Missile Launcher)

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