Fallschirmjager Starter Army

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Amongst the most elite of German troops, the German Falschirmjager Airborne were the world’s first paratroopers to be used in large numbers when war broke out in 1939, generally sent in as a vanguard to invade and create a foothold for when the rest of the German forces arrive. They led daring assaults on strategic targets, such as the fortress at Eben Emael, enabling the following panzers to overrun Europe.

As a paratrooper force the Fallschirmjager’s greatest achievement would be the intense fighting they performed as they spearheaded Operation Mercury and seized Crete in the face of more numerous British and Commonwealth forces during 1941, earning themselves the nickname ‘Green Devils’. However the heavy casualties suffered meant that they were never again used on mass as parachuting invading force.

This a great value boxed army provides you with an all plastic 1500pts German Army to jump straight in to playing Bolt Action or add to your already growing force. 

Contents include:

40 Infantry

2 Vehicles

2 Crewed Guns/Artillery Pieces

7 Crew

Please Note: Miniatures supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

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