Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Unaligned: T51 Power Armour

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Unaligned: T51 Power Armour

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Expected dispatch by 29/10/2021

T-51 power armour was the peak of armour technology before the Great War, and remains one of the most iconic sets of personal-protective exo-suit plating in the wasteland. The next generation after the prototype T-45, this durable exo-suit was deployed first to take back Anchorage and then into the heart of China in America's counter-attack. The armour platforms were so effective in close support and heavy weapon deployment that they are credited with turning the tide in Alaska for the American forces.

More rare that T-45 suits, the T-51 is hardier and more mobile in every way. A stable platform for heavy weapons, and a bulwark against all but the most concentrated fire, suits of T-51 armour are sought after prizes in the post-nuclear world. Few can hold the line against the relentless assault of a warrior clad in this armoured shell, with even bulky Super Mutants and chem crazed Raiders thinking twice before standing in its way.

This boxed set contains three 32mm scale multi-part high-quality resin miniatures, each with unique scenic bases, to allow players to expand their Fallout: Wasteland Warfare games.


  • 3x T-51 Power Armour miniatures
  • 3x Scenic Bases

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • You will need the Institute Wave Card Expansion Pack MUH051817 to use the contents of this box.

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