Bayou Faction Pack

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Bayou Faction Pack



Update all of your Second Edition models to Third Edition rules with Malifaux Faction Packs! Each Faction Pack includes Stat Cards and Upgrades for each tournament-legal Second Edition model in the associated Faction. No need to wait. Get right up to speed and start playing Malifaux Third Edition! 

Card List

Bayou Smuggler x2, Som'er Teeth Jones, Lenny Jones, Alt Lenny, Gremlin Crier x3, Banjonista x3, Old Cranky, Bayou Gremlin x8, Skeeter x2, Gluttony, Lucky Effigy, Lucky Emissary, Mechanized Porkchop, Captain Zipp, Mancha Roja, Iron Skeeter x3, Wrastler x3, Earl Burns, The First Mate, Burt Jebsen, Flying Piglet x3, Ophelia LaCroix, Francois LaCroix, Raphael LaCroix, Pere Ravage, Rami LaCroix, Young LaCroix x3, Merris LaCroix, Sammy LaCroix, Old Major, War Pig x3, Gracie, The Sow, Wild Boar x3, Piglet x4, Ulix Turner, Hog Whisperer x3, Slop Hauler x2, Penelope, McTavish, Spawn Mother, Silurid x3, Bayou Gator x3, Gupps x3, Gautreaux Bokor x3, The Brewmaster, Whiskey Golem, Fingers Leong, Popcorn Turner, Cooper Jones, Moon Shinobi x3, Whiskey Gamin x2, Apprentice Wesley, Akaname x3, Mah Tucket, Big Brain Brin, Trixiebelle Tucket, Bushwhacker x3, Survivor x3, The Little Lass, Rooster Rider x3, Sparks LeBlanc, Wong, Taxidermist x2, Pigapult, Swine-Cursed x2, Lightning Bug x3, Olivia Bernard, Stuffed Piglet x6, Zoraida, Voodoo Doll, Clean Up Duty, Hooch Igniter, Firecracker Slingshot, Tar Bomb, Trash Cannon, Bombs In Yer Belly x3, In the Eye of the Beer-Holder, Drunk and Stupid x5, Effigy Of Fate, Twelve Cups of Coffee x2, Two Gremlins in a Gulli Suit x2, Inferiority Complex x2, Wanga Mojo Curse, Quick Reference Card

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