Wrath of Kings
Wrath of Kings is a miniatures war game, where players take command of the armies of one of the five kingdoms of Arikania! Scalable from 10 to 50 models per side, now you can vie for the throne of the Ancient King!

You have left the lands of your fathers, the protection of your ancestors. With courage and strength, you shall be the bringers of light to this shadowed land. With luck, you may even be its salvation. Arikania is a land marked by magic and scarred by unbounded ambition. Here the elemental lords walked free, unfettered, and not even the gods could stop them. Here magic flowed like water, and mortals became pawns in arcane schemes. Here the drive for glory, the lust for power, the desire for mastery tore down mountains, obliterated nations, and kept humanity in servitude to supernatural overlords for over one hundred generations. Then came the Ancient King. Wielding a power not seen since the most ancient days, he came from the wilderness, cast the elemental lords beyond the bounds of the world, and conquered all of Arikania. For the first time, humanity held its destiny completely in its hands but not without great cost. Through the centuries, the Ancient King passed on this new age of opportunity to His children, granting each a kingdom within his Ancient Kingdom. Each Scion Kingdom became a reflection of its ruler, a culture founded upon his or her ideals and beliefs. The Scion Kings inherited their father’s longevity, power, and intellect, but sadly lacked His wisdom. As each scion turned inward, however, he or she lost sight of their commonality. As the bonds of history and family weakened against the rise of ambition and power, the Ancient King’s heirs became distrustful and isolated. They saw each other as opponents for their father’s throne, rather than allies in preserving his Kingdom. They became so consumed with their own dreams of empire that they failed to see their father dying.

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