A Long Time Coming

A long time coming

The Iconic Fate Deck is released this month.

By the time it’s released it will have been exactly a year since they were first up for sale at GenCon.

Before someone realised about the typos on the cards.

When they first announced that they’d be delayed I assumed they reprint and be out the next month.

But that came and went.

As did the next month.

It was Christmas before we got official confirmation that it had been shelved.

By that time we’d gone through four months of being told it would be out then being pushed back.

And that was four times that I’d emailed people to let them know that it had been delayed again.

I kept everyone who ordered it up to date with what was going on all the way through.

I sent the rest of the orders out so people weren’t waiting for their goods.

Then I sorted them out with either a refund or a replacement.

It’s a perfect example of why we’re different from other online retailers.

I could (probably should) give out some spiel about our excellent customer service and values now.

But it’s simpler just to tell you what sets us apart.

We care.

So if you want any of this months releases and you want to buy from someone who cares about you and your order why not give us a try?


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