Kill Team Campaign Rules

The Kill Team campaign will follow the rules set out in the Kill Team manual with the following exceptions. 

The campaign will take place over 12 weeks with each week being a round. To get the participation rewards you will need to get your campaign cards stamped each week. 

Campaign tactics cards will be handed out weekly and can be used for the duration of the campaign. 

Rather than starting with resources and losing them we will instead start with zero resources and gain them. For each win a player will gain the resources listed on the mission. 

Only one game per week will gain resources. However there will also be a prize for most missions played so feel free to play as many as you like. 

Progression of characters will only take place after the mission that gain resources (note its possible for one person  to be playing a resource scoring mission whilst the other is not). 

Life gets in the way 

We recognise that sometimes life gets in the way. Especially in a 12 week campaign. To allow for this you can bank up to one game a fortnight to use for a week when you can’t get a game in. 

Another Day Another Specialist 

The manual doesn’t say whether you can or cannot add specialists to your Kill Team roster after the campaign begins. To clarify you can add as many specialists as you want to your starting roster. 

If one of those specialists is then killed you may add another specialist of the same type back to your roster. That specialist starts with 0 xp. If you have different unit types that can take that specialism then you can chose a different unit type to your original specialist. 

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