Joker Crew Review

Welcome to this Joker Crew  review. The models are from Knight Models Batman Miniature Game.

First off lets take a look at the packaging.

Knight Models standard blister pack. The bane of store owners life but the keep the models nice and safe. And they come with a nice big bit of foam (more on that later).

Inside the box you’ll find the game cards for all four models with their images on the front for easy reference in game. The cards themselves are a nice touch for the game but they are an awkward size which means you can’t use a sleeve protector on them.

Next up are Knight Models standard Marmite bases. Personally I don’t mind them but I know some people loath them.

Then we have the models themselves. Nice crisp sculpts here. My only criticism would be that they’ve left the Joker’s head separate when they didn’t really need to. I like how the small parts come sealed in a bag to prevent you losing any when you first open the box.

As they’re true scale models some of the parts are very small and will be fiddly to glue in place but that’s part of the fun of wargaming!

And I said I’d come back to the foam. It makes a nice stand to place your models on once they’ve been washed. If you are new to metal models then trust me when I say you want to scrub them in warm soapy water before you prime them.

Otherwise the release agent will cause your paint to peel off when you play with them and nobody wants that!

So all in a nice looking set of models and a good start to a full crew for the Batman Miniature Game.

I also recorded a video unboxing for them which is linked below.


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