Designing A New Board Matz

The dust has finally settled on our kickstarter. All of our pledges have been fulfilled, queries have been answered & our backers are all happy with their new Board Matz. 

We took a few weeks out to recover from the kickstarter and then began to load all of our Board Matz onto the site. 

Overall the Kickstarter has been a fun and rewarding experience. And it’s one we might we’ll repeat in the future with another product. 

But I sat down last night and realised I hadn’t designed a new mat for months. So I set about changing that. 

Our design ethos has always been about functionality on the gaming table over how fancy we can make the mats look. That’s why you won’t find many of our mats with roads, rivers or anything else that dictates to you where you need to put your scenery in game. It’s not our, or any other mat designers, job to dictate to you how you play your games on our mats!

This is why our kickstarter contained over 90 really nice and simple designs. But last night I wanted to do more than add another design to the list. 

So I sat down with two of our more popular designs, Cobblestones & Grates and Snow, and I set about combining the two. 

I was going for a Malifaux after Decembers risen look. Cobblestones covered in snow. My aim was to stick to our design brief of creating a mat that you could game on without having your choices dictated to you. 

My first attempt looked like this. 

More of a playing with techniques than an attempt at a mat I could sell but you begin to see the idea I’m going for. 

Next up was to refine the process. 

I like with this mat how you have the areas of snow that have melted away. I wasn’t keen on the circular look to the remaining snow. 

If you ever watch snow melting you’ll see it forming small rivers of water as it trickles away.  This gives you almost an effect similar to a river delta. 

So a bit more playing around with brushes and we have this. 

Snow melting away to reveal the cobbles of Malifaux underneath. I’m really pleased with the design and I hope you like it to.

And if you do it’s available to buy here.

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