Macmillan Coffee Morning and X-Wing Demo Day Saturday 15th September

What’s more awesome than a Macmillan Coffee Morning to raise money for charity? A Macmillan Coffee Morning with added gaming! We love to support charities and one of the charities that’s closest to our hearts is Macmillan. We’ve seen first hand the amazing support they offer people and their families. Which is why we support […]

The Shards of Embermore Round 2

Round one is over. Skirmishes have been fought. Victories have been won. Defeats have been suffered. After round 1 the standings are as follows. Death and Destruction Chaos Stormcasts Nighthaunts Order Armies have begun to take control of territory and as a result the map now looks like this. Heres the map key Blue Stormcasts […]

Infinity October Releases

Infinity October Releases Check out the Infinity October Releases. Crusader Brethren (Multi Rifle + Light FT) (PanOceania) Publisher: Corvus Belli Item Code: CVB280296 (1 miniature) MSRP: £8.99 Crusader Brethren, “the Cross Bearers,” are a special immediate deployment unit serving the PanOceanian Military Orders. It’s an unpleasant surprise for your enemy when the Crusader Brethren lands in his deployment zone […]

Infinity September Releases

Infinity September Releases Check out Infinity September Releases there’s something for everyone included here! Locust, Clandestine Action Team (Hacker) (PanOceania) Item Code: CVB280294 (1 Miniature) Our Price: If there is a unit in the Intelligence underworld that deserves its code name, it is the Locusts, as damaging as the insects for which they are […]

July’s Batman and DC Miniature Game Releases 2017

Wonder Woman on Warhorse

July’s Batman and DC Miniature Game Releases 2017 July’s Batman and DC Miniature Game Releases are out. And boy have Knight Models knocked it out of the park this month! Wonder Woman She’s the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, the first child born on Paradise Island in the three thousand year history that the immortal Amazons lived […]

Julys Malifaux Releases 2017

Through The Breach Core Rules (2nd Edition)

Julys Malifaux Releases Welcome back to our monthly look at what’s new from Wyrd Miniatures. Julys Malifaux Releases are as follows. Through The Breach Core Rules 2nd Edition A 416 page hard back book that replaced both the Fated Almanac and the Fatemasters Almanac. This book is huge! Wyrd have taken all that they’ve learned […]

Veteran Brisket Season 3 Tactics

The first ‘veteran’ player available to the Butchers and is a different style of attack/goal threat to the ‘original’ Brisket. She is pretty much unchanged in Season 3 with only a minor change that you probably won’t even notice but gives a little more flexibility.   She has a movement of 6/8 and a Kick […]

Win a Hunters Team

  The promoter is Leodis Games The competition is open to residents of the United Kingdom aged 18 years or over except employees of Leodis Games and their close relatives and anyone otherwise connected with the organisation or judging of the competition. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition. […]

Scalpel Tactics

Our new Captain for Season 2 is Scalpel who immediately suffers from ‘not being Obulus’ in the mind of many players. However where Obulus can win games on his own Scalpel has the ability to run solo or buff the rest of your team to greater heights. It is certainly harder to user her as […]

Bonesaw Tactics

He was one of the first Season 2 players for any team and also the first ‘proper’ striker for the Morticians (ignoring the Union of course). He was also the first player to come with a whopping 50mm base which opens up more tactics for blocking line of sight and pitch control.   For a […]

Casket Tactics

Time for another ‘big buy’ in the Mortician Team and one who brings with him a Legendary Play which can actually win you the game!   He has an average speed of 5/7 movement and with a 2/6 kick he can score a goal in an emergency but you won’t usually find him on his […]

Ghast Tactics

Ghast is probably the closest (outside of the captains) player the Morticians have to a Brewer or Butcher in the sense of the damage he can do and the damage he can soak up. He is quite survivable with a 21 health pool and a defence of 3+ with 1 armour. He isn’t going to […]

Silence Tactics

Silence is one of those players who you don’t realise how good they are until you actually get them on the pitch and playing games, once you have done this you will find he is probably the only guaranteed selection in your starting 6 outside of captain and mascot.   He isn’t the quickest with […]

Dirge Tactics

At the time of writing Dirge is the only ‘mandatory’ player in the team you have to take (Vileswarm is not released as of writing). He is one of the quickest models in the game with an 8/10 movement and ignores both other players and terrain when moving (thanks to his Flying play). He isn’t […]

Graves Tactics

Time to look at the original version of Graves (before later looking at Veteran Graves from Season 2) who unlike some other Morticians seems to have a pretty straightforward game plan which is to inflict pain!   He has an average movement of 5/7 but a decent kick of 3/6 which is surprising for a […]

Cosset Tactics

Literally the Crazy one of the team Cosset is a simple player in that she has a single aim on the pitch which is to take out the entire team on her own.   She is very quick with a 7/9 movement and a 2/6 kick gives her a basic 15 inch goal threat which […]

Obulus Tactics

This is the first and only player that I haven’t really wanted or known what to say about him in terms of using him properly. For me Obulus is the best player currently available to any team in the entire game and can win entire games on is own with little to zero help from […]

Introducing Board Matz: High Quality Vinyl Gaming Mats

Here at Leodis Games we’re always looking for ways to improve your gaming experience. Whether that’s through our excellent customer service and prices or our range of tactics articles we’re always on the look out for ways to improve your Wargaming experience. So when the opportunity to create a set of high quality gaming mats […]

Chaska Tactics

The king of the wild frontier it is Davy Crockett….sorry Chaska who has stopped hunting game long enough with his big gun long enough to hunt players in a game!? In terms of stats he is absolutely ‘solid’ across the board with a 5/8 movement, kick of 3/6, defence of 3+ and 1 armour with […]

Jaecar Tactics

This is the silent assassin from the shadows in your team who excels at hitting your opponents before dodging back into the safety of the shadows.   So looking at his stats he is a very fast model with a movement of 7/9 although he isn’t a goal scoring machine with only a 2/6 kick. […]

Egret Tactics

This is the superstar player of the team who can pretty much do everything and is someone who you will rarely see ever being benched from the starting 6 of any Hunters Team.   In terms of stats she is one of those ‘fragile’ football players who is both pretty quick with a 6/8 movement […]

Zarola Tactics

This time around its Zarola who is considered the ‘winger’ position of the team. I have to admit up front that this article may sound like I am a little negative about this player…..but that is because I am a little negative. It isn’t that she is a particularly poor player it is just that […]

Decimate Tactics

Who they can play for [Alchemists, Butchers, Engineers, Masons] The Striker who isn’t a pure out-and-out goal scorer like say Mist is but someone who dodges and cuts her way through to grabbing the goals! One of my favourite Union players because of the impressive threat to both scoring and damage that she brings to […]

Harry “The Hat” Hallahan Tactics

Who they can play for [Alchemists, Brewers, Butchers, Engineers] Time to have a look at Harry the new player on the block for the Union and another member of the ‘top hat’ club along with Rage, Avarisse and Greede! Now before I even begin Harry does come with a health warning. I personally believe him […]

Fangtooth Tactics

Who they can play for [Brewers, Fishermen, Morticians] So it is time for the ‘big guy’ of the team in the horrible shape of Fangtooth. As a player he brings a LOT of pitch control to the team instead of ‘straight’ damage. He can also pretend to be a Brewer disguised as a Union player […]

Avarisse and Greede Tactics

  Who they can play for [Everyone] The ‘2-4-1’ combination who you can play as a single model or split up and have that really powerful 7th player activation each turn. They are the only way to currently have that very powerful 7th activation in your turn although it does come with its own risk! […]

Snakeskin Tactics

Who they can play for [Alchemists, Fishermen, Masons] A strange model in that she can cause quite a lot of damage to the enemy, but you wouldn’t call her a ‘pure beating’ player, and a model that can score goals, but you wouldn’t call her a ‘pure football’ player. She is an enigma wrapped in […]

Rage Tactics

Who they can play for [Brewers, Butchers, Engineers, Masons] Kind of like a Mini-Boar on the pitch where he charges around handing out damage like candy to the enemy team. The first thing to mention is that he only generates 1 influence but you should just always give him that 1 back, ALWAYS! Whilst he […]

Mist Tactics

Who they can play for [Alchemists, Masons, Morticians] Here is the ‘superstar striker’ of the team and probably the only player currently available who would rival Flint and Shark for being the best striker. The first thing to say is that Mist is a Male as I still find myself wanting to say ‘she scored […]

Minx Tactics

Who they can play for [Butchers, Hunters, Masons, Morticians] Minx is a strange player as you often forget she even exists in the game such is the lack of love for her I have seen across a number of tournaments. I think a lot of the problem for me is that Minx has looks decent […]

Hemlocke Tactics

Who they can play for [Alchemists, Brewers, Fishermen, Hunters] There is a running joke amongst some Guild Ball players in that if Hemlocke has her rules changed anymore she will end up as a Mascot! She used to be one of the most feared models to play against due to her high defence and use […]

Gutter Tactics

Who they can play for [Brewers, Butchers, Engineers, Fishermen] Gutter was always a ‘butcher in union clothing’ but after the recent errata changes she may no longer be the automatic choice she once was. I am of course joking she is still amazing! Chain Grab – This is the character play you want, and the […]

Coin Tactics

The only Mascot currently available (at the time of writing) but one of the best available as part of Season 1. You will love using Coin although he doesn’t do much directly himself. In terms of his stats he isn’t that remarkable with a 5/7 move, 1/4 kick, 4+ Defence, 1 armour and only 1/2 […]

Veteran Rage Tactics

So time to welcome the new Captain and the first player from Season One of the game to gain ‘Veteran’ status in the form of Rage! He was considered a beat stick in season one and his captain version certainly hasn’t mellowed at all. If you want your Union to play very much like the […]

Blackheart Tactics

So it is time for the original Union captain, the Pirate King himself one Mr Blackheart. In terms of his stats he is pretty ‘standard’ for a captain model in that he has a movement of 5/7, a TAC of 6, a Kick of 3/6, a 3+ Defence and a 4/6 Influence Pool. That seems […]


The new drunken big guy! If you are playing brewers then I would recommend grabbing this guy if for no other reason than he was my favourite model to paint and really enjoyed getting him ready for the pitch. He is a solid character although he does become the first non-mascot Brewer to not have […]

Stave Tactics

The old drunken big guy! From the ‘original’ teams and players I would probably rank Stave alongside Boar as the better two of the big guys (2+ defence) worth considering in your team (the rest were sometimes too much of a liability) and that is mainly down to his Character Plays. So for his stats […]

Stoker Tactics

Hmmm it is time to discuss the problem child of the team and a player who you can’t sit on the fence about. The vast majority of players believe he is the worst option for the Brewers (and one of the weakest models in the game) whilst a few people trust him against any opposition. […]

Spigot Tactics

The proper ‘team player’ who is there to make sure everyone else can do their jobs properly. If you want to make sure someone who is knocked down suffers a take-out then call Spigot! If you want to make sure Friday scores that goal then call Spigot! If you want to assist Hooper and make […]

Scum Tactics

At the time of writing the only ‘mandatory’ player is the team mascot Scum who is either one of the most hated or most loved mascots available depending if you play Brewers or not. This is a cat whocertainly has 9 lives (they missed a trick only giving him 8 health) and can survive a […]

Friday Tactics

Here comes your version of the superstar striker. Whilst she isn’t quite up the level of Flint or Mist (who is!?) she is probably still your best bet to grab a goal from a distance whilst the rest of the team are taking down the opposition. So how does she score? Well she has a […]

Esters Tactics

When it comes to picking which Captain to use I always go with Tapper which isn’t due to how Esters plays but that (in my opinion) she is probably the least dynamic and interesting physical model in the game so far so just don’t like using her, although her performance can be quite powerful. She […]

Tapers Tactics

  The original captain is Tapper and his playstyle is all about beating people up and getting you some VPs from Take Outs. His Character Plays are: Marked Target – Cost 1 influence with 8 inch range. A charge on this enemy model gains 0/2 movement. It is nice but you won’t often use it […]

Gutter Butchers Tactics

Gutter was always a ‘butcher in union clothing’ but after the recent errata changes she may no longer be the automatic choice she once was.   Chain Grab – This is the character play you want, and the main reason to bring her into your team. You want to pull someone away from your goal? […]

Fillet Tactics Season 3

So in Season 2 Fillet was an absolute monster who could win a game on her own through a combination of take outs and goal scoring ability unmatched by almost no other player in the game. Is she still the force of nature in Season 3 she was before?   She is classed as a […]

Ox Tactics Season 3

Time to see what has happened in Season 3 to the original ‘smash your face in’ captain in the form of the mighty Ox! Has he been changed at all and if so for the better or worse?   He has a decent movement of 5/8 inches but his two best assets are his large […]

Tenderiser Tactics Season 3

The first ‘goalkeeper’ available to the Butchers and is pretty much unchanged in Season 3 with only 2 minor changes that you probably won’t even notice, he will still do what he always has!   He is quite slow with a movement of 4/6 so only just keeps up with Boar which isn’t saying much. […]

Boiler Season 3

The youngest member of the Butchers but the one who normally surprises you in have effective he is on the pitch! He has the usual Butcher stats of a short kick range (6 inches) and a decent amount of attacks (5), but it is his personal traits and plays which make him stand out.   […]

Shank Tactics Season 3

“I have to be honest Shank is one of my least favourite players available to the Butchers but I am not sure why? He can’t score goals like Brisket, he can’t attack like Boar and he doesn’t boost others as well as Princess!? If I want to bring one of the Union players into the […]

Brisket Season 3 Tactics

Surprisingly for the Butchers they have one of the best strikers and goal scorers in the whole of Guild Ball and her name is Brisket. Let’s just start by saying Brisket is my girl! This is a girl who is happy to get into your face and smash you in mouth, but will just as […]

Meathook Season 3

I have a confession to make in that so far in all season Meathook has been far and away my least played model in any team I have played (and I have played Butchers a lot). She was the 7th member of the Butchers team upon release and has a slightly different game from the […]

Boar Tactics Season 3

When it came to updating these posts for Season the player I was most excited about is Boar. When the game first started he was an absolute monster and people rightly feared him! However as time went on he became a liability giving away easy momentum to your opponent and he became ‘easy’ to shut […]

Princess Tactics Season 3

The butcher dog whose bite is definitely worse than her bark! The Butchers tend to have mascots on the more powerful end of the scale if comparing them all. Is she still the killer dog now in Season 3?   Princess has had all of the generic changes applied to Mascots in Season 3 so […]