Leodis Games is an online retailer of wargames and wargaming accessories. Our aim is to stand out from the rest of the market and we’re doing that by following a few simple strategies:

We’ll tell you if your product is in stock

There’s no clicking to buy something from us then wondering when your models will turn up. We have three types of stock and we very clearly tell you what each item is. Our 3 stock types are:
  • Pre Order this item hasn’t been released yet by the manufacturer and is offered so that you can get in on the day of release. We’d love to say that game manufacturers always deliver releases on time. Sadly this isn’t always the case but we will keep you updated on any date changes.
  • Available to Order these are items we don’t hold physical stock of. Instead we order it in to fulfil your orders.We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure that we have an accurate idea of what’s available and how long it’ll take to arrive. Each product has an Available to Order section on the page above the buy button that tells you when we expect to dispatch it to you. If this changes for any reason we’re straight in touch to let you know.
  • In Stock our simplest items. We have physical stock of these and will post it out within 24 hours (often the same day).
Please note that if you buy items from different categories together the order will be combined and sent out when the latest item is available.

We’ll communicate with you

We’ve already alluded to this but if something goes wrong with your order we’ll let you know. If a dispatch date slips we’ll tell you. No more waiting for the postman wondering if your package is arriving today.

If we make a mistake we’ll admit it, apologise and put it right

I know it sound obvious. I know it goes without saying. But we’re constantly amazed at how many stores can’t own up to their mistakes. We’d like to claim we’re perfect and nothing ever goes on. But we’re human and we will make mistakes. And if we do we’ll rectify it and put it right. So why not go ahead and give us a try? We promise you’ll be really happy with our service.

Come and visit us at our new store:

Unit 39 Springfield Mills Bagley Lane Farsley Leeds LS285LY

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