Wyrdscapes 30mm Sewer Bases

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Wyrdscapes 30mm Sewer Bases Information

Wyrdscapes 30mm Sewer Bases set containing 5 plastic bases. Some preparation and assembly maybe required.

Display your miniatures in style! Whether fighting against the hungry dead in a dark alleyway or waging glorious war on the battlefield, these dioramic Wyrdscapes Victorian Ruins Bases will help your miniatures stand out in display cases and on the tabletop like never before.

They combine perfectly with our range of Board Matz to make your games even more immersive on the table. There’s nothing finer to look at than fantastically painted miniatures on wonderful dioramic bases on top of an amazingly designed mat. Check out our bases and Matz bundles for the perfect way to get your force on the table and at a discounted price!


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