The Swamp Hag – Zoraida Box Set

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The Swamp Hag – Zoraida Box Set Information

The Swamp Hag – Zoraida Box Set

Born out of the swamps of Malifaux come the magical creatures of the Swamp Hag’s crew, led by Zoraida. This mystical witch will curse your fate and cause gruesome harm with her voodoo doll and sending Bad Juju your way, Bad Juji being a giant murderous monster by the way.

The Zoraida crew belong to the Neverborn, the native inhabitants of the world of Malifaux. Deadly in close combat and known for their speed and lightning quick reflexes these nightmarish monsters terrorize the human settlers of Malifaux. linked with a calamity that occurred in the world’s ancient past little is known of them, but when walking down a dark, erie street prey you do not encounter these demons.

Neverborn/Gremlin Box Set, containing six 32mm ‘heroic’ scale miniatures made of high quality plastic, Stat Cards and Upgrade Cards. Will require some preparation and assembly.

Set Contains:


  • Zoraida
  • Voodoo Doll
  • 3 Silurid
  • Bad Juju

Stat Cards

  • Zoraida
  • Voodoo Doll
  • 3 Silurid
  • Bad Juju

Upgrade Cards

  • Animal Shape
  • Crystal Ball
  • Tarot Reading
  • Hex Bag
  • Eternal Fiend
  • Hexed Among You

Desperation drives men and women from the relative safety of the City into the Bayou, in search of the elusive swamp hag, Zoraida. Those individuals who do not fall prey to gremlins or the other creatures eventually reach her demesne. The impossibly old woman they encounter inside the rickety shack knows their names and why they have come. Her bargain is always a game of cards for whatever information they seek. They win, she answers their questions. They lose and she collects the unique ante she has demanded. Most never see the City’s lights again.

This is the Zoraida most residents of Malifaux know, the hag with second sight. The true Zoraida who hides behind this persona is a different entity. Centuries old, Zoraida is not truly a Neverborn, but is instead a human who traversed the in-between and reached Malifaux long before the first opening of the Great Breach. Over time she became one of the Neverborn. She knows more about the weaving’s of fate and where to pluck at its threads than any other creature in Malifaux.

Zoraida interweaves her own designs into fate’s plan, masterfully blending her intentions with that of the cosmic will. She manipulates people and events slowly, maneuvering hundreds of disparate elements together to achieve her desired results. To Zoraida it is an art form, she is spinning an ever moving dance of beauty into reality… even if only she can appreciate it.


The city of Malifaux is a dangerous place, but it seems as cozy as a hearth when compared to the horrors that roam the southern Badlands. Every nightmare in every monster story ever told has its counterpart in a Neverborn creature that lives somewhere beyond the relative safety of the city’s walls. The abilities of these horrors are as terrible as any nightmare, since many spawn from the same dark sources that gave rise to these nightmares in the first place.

The Neverborn are terrible monsters that brutally prey upon the humans who have appeared to claim Malifaux for their own. The Neverborn take many shapes, from the winged Nephilim to the ghostly Sorrows. Some are deceptively similar in appearance to humans, able to walk among them, and these are by far the most dangerous, as their unknown designs are far more subtle and far-reaching. Where many Neverborn are satisfied by grizzly, indulgent murder, these human-looking monsters wage a campaign of terror on mankind through grand organized raids and clever attacks on human settlements. Despite this focus on the bigger picture, most of these Neverborn are not above the occasional indulgent murder.

The origin of these creatures is uncertain. Many believe that they are created by some maligned force, and thus, they were dubbed Neverborn to help mankind explain away their complete lack of human empathy and mercy. Slowly, however, as the mysteries of Malifaux are revealed, its human settlers have been granted glimpses of the world’s distant past. The appearance of monsters in this world seems linked to a great cataclysm, occurring ages ago, that transformed it from a place not unlike Earth into the ruined splendor seen today.

This cataclysm marked the death of a world ruled by logic and reason, replacing it with one fraught with passion, madness, and death. The Neverborn are the people of this new age, a people completely foreign and unknowable by man. Savage and ruthless, they are prone to fits of murderous madness and capable of incredible violence. Beyond that, they are creatures possessed of a terrible secret, of sins committed in the distant past. They have endured the death of their world and will not tolerate man’s trespass upon its ashes.

The Guild has tried everything possible to diminish the Neverborn threat. Willing to deputize anyone, the Guild frequently sends groups of hunters on Neverborn raids; most of these deputies fail to survive their first encounter. The Ortega family, with their matriarch, Perdita, has proven the most effective deterrent to Neverborn proliferation. This family is credited with hundreds of slain monsters, and their success has led to fame among the people of Malifaux. The Ortega family are the heroes that the people idolize and the threats that the Neverborn, despite their best efforts, just can’t seem to destroy.

The Swamp Hag – Zoraida Box Set


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