Cobbles And Snow Malifaux Gaming Mat


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Cobbles And Snow Malifaux Gaming Mat

Cobbles And Snow Malifaux Gaming Mat

We’re first and foremost Wargamers.

Yes we run Leodis Games a highly successful online store and yes we also make 3D printed tokens for gaming and have our own range of T Shirts but at heart we’re gamers.

And it’s with the gamers mindset that we’ve sat down and designed our mats. We wanted to come up with a range that improved the gaming experience rather than restricting it. We could tell you now about the quality of our vinyl mats (if you’re interested in GSM and DPI thats right at the bottom of this section) but we’re sure as gamers you’ll have seen vinyl mats before.

Instead of telling you the same product details as everyone else we’ll tell you what makes our mats different. We set out to make a range of mats that enhanced the visual spectacle of gaming without restricting it. What do we mean by restricting it?

Well we’re sure you’ve all seen those mats that restrict gameplay. They look visually stunning, like works of art even, but they restrict where you can put your scenery. They have roads and rivers and lakes and building foundations on them. They look great the first few times you play on them. But then you want to change up how you put the buildings down on the table. And then you realise that road doesn’t look so great with a building or a wood sat on it!

And this is where we come in! We’ve developed a vast array of patterns for your mats that won’t interfere with where you place your scenery.

But that’s not all. As gamers we know that the right detail on a mat can enhance and speed up the gaming experience. Thats why we’ve developed a host of deployment templates for your favourite games and whats more they’re free to add to your mats!

You can read about how we designed this mat here.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 3’x3′
  • Malifaux Deployment Markings
  • Made from high durability PVC
  • Non textured gaming surface with high quality printed picture
  • Scratch, tear and stains resistant
  • Compatible with water based pens
  • Shipping tubes can be used as easy storage
  • The choice for a sturdy and cost friendly battlefield mat

One Board Matz Gaming mat supplied

The mat comes with free postage to the UK, please allow up to five working days for delivery.


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