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First Light of Solthecius

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The First Light of Solethecius includes two metal models (assembly required) and stat card for each of the following:

Grace — Player (30mm)
Benediction — Player (40mm)

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First Light of Solthecius Description

First Light of Solthecius

It’s a new dawn for The Union thanks to the divine talents of Grace and Benediction. A bottomless well of healing, the Living Saint, Grace, gives self-sustained support to her teammates near and far. Meanwhile, Benediction stands as a devoted guardian, poised to beat back opposing players. Together, the players make their teams as resilient and unwavering as their faith. Whether you find their presence to be a blessing or a curse will depend on your side of the pitch.

The First Light of Solthecius includes two metal models (assembly required) and stat card for each of the following:

Grace — Player (30mm)
Benediction — Player (40mm)

The Union

Let me just get one thing straight, no one likes ‘em … but sometimes you just got a hole that needs filllin’ if you get my meaning?
– Ox , Captain, Butcher’s Guild

The Union play style is one of role specialism and individual play. They have an array of strong options across attack. Their defensive game isn’t as strong due to their focus on assassin or surgical removal style play. You need a game plan; set them up to deliver it and you will win. Think of these like a team of precision scalpels – just don’t try chopping down trees with them!

Their strength and flexibility comes from matching the right players to do the job you need before proceeding. Each model is simply strong at what it does, and doesn’t require assistance to do it. This is a team with little to no buffing. Want a big tanky guy taken down, send in Decimate … Want their backfield defensive midfielder to stop playing out buffs everywhere, Snakeskin will deliver … Just want someone messed up, Gutter’s the girl.

So, the big question on everyone’s lips right now is: ‘what happened with those lads?’ I’m not sure anyone outside of their group will ever know the full truth, mind. But what I can tell you is that Blackheart isn’t the man at the helm anymore. None of us, not a soul, saw that coming.
One of life’s great jokes, I think. For years, the bastard evades capture from just about the entire world. Every fleet from every state, bounty hunters, state military armies, you name it. And then, after all that, he manages to pull off the big one – intimidating the Guilds themselves. Not saying I liked the man, but he must’ve had the biggest stones you could possibly imagine. Invincible, untouchable for all that time.
And then the nutter in the hat on his own side does him in.
You’ve heard the stories – I know you must have, everyone has – and let me tell you, from someone that was there, they don’t do that bloodthirsty lunatic justice. I feel sick even remembering the day Rage decided he was going to step up and take charge, and I’ve seen some ugly in my life. I’ve seen gangers up in the Erskirii cities fight it out, been part of that, right in amongst it, and I thought it didn’t get any worse.
But Rage let everyone know exactly who was in charge, and cowed them all in doing so. I’ve never seen a man get stabbed so many times that the body actually gets carved up. I’ve never seen a deranged bastard gut a snake before. And I’ve definitely never seen a man do both those things in front of a crowd during a game and smile while he does it.
I didn’t see where Gutter went, but I heard she got out at least. Probably for the best. I can only imagine what Rage had in mind for her.
Rage drew his line in the dirt that day. And one by one, as the mean, gore covered bastard stared at them and offered them each a bloody coin, the Union stepped over to join him.
We used to be afraid of them. The Svantelit know what we should expect them to be like now.
– Shank, Butcher’s Guild Vice Captain


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