Skarrd Nightmare Juggernaut

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Skarrd Nightmare Juggernaut

Skarrd Nightmare Juggernaut

Dark Age

Dark Age is a sci-fi skirmish miniatures game by CoolMiniOrNot. It is generally played by two players with a half dozen or so (per side) finely-detailed 28mm-scaled models fighting over the ravaged lands of Samaria for victory or death. As a Dark Age player, you will command groups of grim survivors, savage warriors, berserk robots, cunning aliens, or perhaps…all of the above.

The Skarrd

We will bleed this world and the worthless vermin who inhabit it. I will sit upon a throne made of dry Forsaken husks, and at last the Skarrd will be avenged.” – Father Mayhem

“We are a mix of screaming monsters and rather articulate psychopaths, don’t you think? Still, better than being under heel of the Prevailers.” -Dexus

“Scary bastards. Hard to kill. But don’t get me wrong – I’ve put plenty of those deranged freaks into the dirt myself.”- Hoj

The next human (well…mostly) faction in Dark Age is the Skarrd. The Skarrd are a very different sort of breed from the Forsaken. The Skarrd are largely feral, cannibal savages whose exposure to the Northern Wastes of Samaria have left them…changed. Further, now allied with the exiled former saint, Johann, the Skarrd have embraced the brutal science of Grafting, melding dangerous cyber tech onto their bodies with wild abandon. Finally some of the mutations have gifted select members of the Skarrd with twisted mental powers called Psychogenics.

Some of the strengths of the Skarrd include:

  1. Cheap units that can overwhelm and drag down their foes
  2. A bevy of mutant monstrosities
  3. Wide use of status effects to make themselves stronger or make their enemies weaker

The Skarrd have 3 Subfactions. They are organized around cults, different philosophies about how best to deliver death and destruction to the foes of the Skarrd. They are:

  1. The Toxic Cult
  2. The Blood Cult
  3. The Metamorphosis Cult

If you choose to collect and play the Skarrd, you can play an “Unaligned” army, choosing only from the core troopers of the Skarrd (including the Buzzblades, Harpies, Golabs, Fetish Bearers and Tribal Fathers). A frightening collection of mutated killers. If you choose to, you can command a Subfaction force, and gain access to all of their troop choices and characters as well.

Playing with the Skarrd starter box: The Skarrd starter box is a collection of “Unaligned” Skarrd, so makes a good starting point for any Skarrd player, regardless of whether or not you choose a particular cult Subfaction. The focal point of the box is the Tribal Father. Both an able melee warrior and a Psychogenic Master, the Tribal Father will lead your troops to a glorious future. You also get three Buzzblades, the baseline trooper for the Skarrd, but through the Skarrd’s ability to grant benefits, the Buzzblades can be turned into a horde of highly-skilled killers. Finally, three Bolas round out the box, giving you excellent utility and board control – the Entangle ability on their bolas means that you don’t have to kill your foes when you can simply drain away their Action Points and leave them helpless.


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