Path to Glory

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Path to Glory

Path to Glory

Product Description

Get ready to face one of your friends in bloody combat on the war torn battlefields of Samaria with the Path to Glory 2-player starter box for the Dark Age miniatures game! Containing 9 highly tetailed plastic models from 2 factions, dice, rules, counters and terain templates, Path to Glory has everything you and a friend require to get started playing Dark Age!

Seeking to find honor in combat against worthy foes, the trueborn soldiers of the Dragyri Ice Caste have traveled far to wet their blades with human blood. Tracking the huge alien beasts is Saint Issac of the Forsaken and his loyal troops, both man and machine. Human science battles against Dragyri mysticism on the Path to Glory!


Box contains: One (1) complete quick-start rules, One (1) Scenario Guide, ten (10) plastic wound tokens, six (6) twenty sided dice, two (2) measuring sticks, and nine (9) highly-detailed miniatures and their stat cards.

Forsaken: St. Issac

  • two (2) Controllers
  • two (2) Centibedes
  • one (1) St. Issac in Ajax Suit

Dragyri Ice Caste

  • one (1) Spirit Lord
  • one (1) Death’s Device
  • two (2) Soul Searchers

Dark Age

Dark Age is a sci-fi skirmish miniatures game by CoolMiniOrNot. It is generally played by two players with a half dozen or so (per side) finely-detailed 28mm-scaled models fighting over the ravaged lands of Samaria for victory or death. As a Dark Age player, you will command groups of grim survivors, savage warriors, berserk robots, cunning aliens, or perhaps…all of the above.


“We fight for more than glory. We fight to hold back the darkness that threatens our people on all sides, that would tear down what God’s chosen people have built up. We fight for our very survival upon a world that punishes the wicked and the sacred alike. We fight because the Forsaken must endure and survive as it is God’s will that we shall.” – Saint John

“…but mostly we fight for the glory.” – Saint Mark

“Delusional fools who are led by the nose by those who care not one whit for them or their baseless faith. I regret that so many will die for the rest to learn my truth.” – Saint Johann, the Scorpion Saint

One of the human factions on Samaria, the Forsaken are trying to survive and prosper on a world where they were long ago the abandoned and dispossessed. Despite being surrounded by foes the Forsaken possess an iron drive and belief in a vengeful God that has molded them into a well-ordered and proficient force that has proven capable of facing every threat against them. The Forsaken are spoiled for choice in Dark Age – having no less than 8 subfactions and dozens of models to build forces from.

(Just a quick note – you’re going to hear a bit about “Unaligned” and “Subfaction” troopers – what this means is that many of the armies of Dark Age have warriors that will work for the entire faction, and, additionally, there are some troops that only work for specific subfactions in the faction – don’t worry, this will be clear shortly!)

Some of the strengths of the Forsaken include:

  1. Largest selection of models and subfactions
  2. High armor values
  3. Some of the best ranged troops in the game

The Forsaken have 8 Subfactions. These are mostly made up of different charismatic leaders who are leading armies of their own on crusades across the known world. Each of them has specific character models who are the subfaction leader and playable in game. They include:

  1. Followers of Mark
  2. Followers of John
  3. Followers of Mary
  4. Followers of Luke
  5. Followers of Joan
  6. Followers of Isaac
  7. Followers of Johann
  8. The Prevailers

If you choose to collect and play the Forsaken, you can play an “Unaligned” army, selecting only from the core troopers for the Forsaken (including models like the Banes, Coils, Firestorms, Coil Diskmaster, the Deacon, and Warwinds) and deliver the Forsaken’s salvation upon their many enemies. If you choose to, you can command a Subfaction force, and gain access to all of their troop choices and characters as well.

Playing with the Forsaken Starter: The Forksaken starter includes only Unaligned models, making it a great launching point for nearly any sort of Forsaken army you might choose to collect. It starts with an excellent core of four Banes – good, solid, frontline melee troopers who are dependable and survivable. Then you get a great support piece in the form of a Deacon who has a versatile attack with his Reckoner, and Inspiring to help improve the hitting power of your Banes. Just keep him safe behind the Banes – he is a little less armored than they are. Next is a great ranged attacker, the Coil Diskmaster, who will hurt enemies at range with Critical Strike (3), Crack Shot AND Decapitate. Then it’s some additional support from the Field Medic, who is able to keep your models alive for just a little bit longer. Finally you have an excellent leader piece, the Warwind. Generally Warwinds act as lieutenants to the Saints, and here they lead your forces to glory and victory!




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