House of Shael Han

House Shael Han is the light at the end of the world.

Youngest of the Scions, Shael Han saw her brothers wreck their father’s work, and she swore to see His grand design completed. This her House has dutifully done, and woe to any who try to stop them.

Shael Han built her nation on spiritual and magical principles to ensure its prosperity, but it could not survive the Kingdom’s fall. To salvage her father’s work, Shael Han radically remade her people and reset her nation’s course. The celestial gods blessed her efforts, and her people have not deviated from this divine mandate since.

Uniquely favored by the gods, House Shael Han’s nation of Achrion is disciplined, pious, and surprisingly strong for an island kingdom. Their divine magic and powerful technology makes their soldiers capable of amazing feats of skill and perseverance.

As the other nations hurtle toward war, the Scion Queen’s ancient plans near fulfillment. Even the dullest can sense that their long service is nearly over. House Shael Han will either usher in a new world or die in a blaze of glory.

House of Shael Han

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