Made from our fantastic high quality Board Matz vinyl these Malifaux Gaming Mats are perfect for your adventures Through the Breach!

The mats are three foot square with the Standard Deployment, Close Deployment, Flank Deployment and Corner Deployment lines marked on them. They also have the centre lines for deployment (including diagonals), a thirty millimetre marker in the centre of the board and six inches from the centre of the board marked on the mats.

Whilst the image we’ve used for the category shows the markings in a strong black line the marking supplied on the mats are coloured so that they don’t stand out too much from the mat design to further enhance your gaming experience. If you do want more contrast on your markings drop us a note on the order and we can sort that for you.

So grab yourself one of our Malifaux Gaming Mats and get your Faux on!

Malifaux Gaming Mats

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