The Kukulkani

“Destiny has brought us to this forlorn place, where we reap a crop of insignificant lives. I swear that our knives will remain wet and slick and in the name of Kukulkan, his name be praised.” – Quetzol, Crusade Captain

“Devils from beyond the stars. Fighters from beyond death. Dead or alive, they all burn.” – Rath’zhi, Arbiter of Rage

“I’ve shot a lot of the weird blue men. I wish they would learn to stay dead.” – Zuriel, the Saint’s Artificer

Of course, where you have ancient star-faring races you are bound to have their hated foes who have come back to see what happened to them. Enter the Kukulkani, another alien race come to Samaria in the name of conquest. The Kukulkani are all about the power of sacrifice and fueling their magics with the lifeforces of their enemy. Kukulkan, their God, visited Earth in ancient days and raised up some of the Mayans as his eternal servants, and their descendents fight on, even today upon Samaria.

Some of the strengths of the Kukulkani include:

Strong synergistic play between their warriors and their Technomancer Ritualists
The “Bio-Enhanced” ability grants your models increased power after they kill their foes
A walking monument that grows stronger as enemies die around it

The Kukulkani do not have subfactions at the current time. They remain united in their goal of wiping out all life from Samaria – at least for now.


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