“Protect survive hunger kill kill.” – Murtros

“Truly they are the spawn of Hell itself, put here as a literal embodiment of evil and monstrosity itself!” – Grand Templar Marius

“In the name of Johann, what is that repulsive thing?” – John Woe, Herald of the Heretic

Finally we come upon the Brood. They are a collective of bio-engineered swamp-dwelling monsters, descended from the forbidden experiments of long-abandoned secret laboratories from Samaria’s corporate past. They are the creations of the Brood Mere, and her armies are her children. While the Brood Mere herself was created by man, she hates her creator for abandoning her, and her children are the instrument of her revenge. They are the ultimate in genetically engineered, purpose-bred soldiers.

Some of their strengths include:

Army-wide Regeneration – they do not die easily
A variety of evolved killing machines
Bio-gens which grant you the ability to fine-tune your chosen army

They do not have Subfactions, but instead have Broodspawn options. By choosing a particular leader (such as Mutros, Mean Jelly Bean, or Helexa) and a limited selection of models for your army, those models all gain special abilities not otherwise available to the Brood. There’s no requirement to play as a Broodspawn and limit your options, but it does offer some special variety for players if you choose to use one.


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